Rebooting Health and Social Integration

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Rebooting Health and Social Integration

Health and social care integration has proven more complex than politicians and policy makers first envisioned. Efforts at collaboration have been obstructed by hard factors such as funding shortfalls and dealing with a new commissioning landscape and soft factors such as culture and professional status. Multiple waves of ‘encouraged innovation’ have been attempted, from 2009’s Integrated Care Pilots to the 2014 Vanguard sites, with some progress being made but not enough, as exemplified by the NAO’s recent review. This research aims to identify a set of ‘foundation’ integration activities which areas can quickly work to put in place. These foundation activities will focus on the pragmatic ways in which the two services can be better aligned. From this strong and stable base further integration can be achieved.

Research roundtables will be announced shortly as will an Advisory Panel to support the project.

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