About Localis

About Localis

We are an independent, leading not-for-profit think tank that was established in 2001. Our work promotes neo-localist ideas through research, events and commentary, covering a range of local and national domestic policy issues.

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Our research and policy programme is guided by the concept of neo-localism. Neo-localism is about giving places and people more control over the effects of globalisation. It is concerned by economic prosperity, but also enhancing other aspects of people’s lives such as family and culture. It is not anti-globalisation, but wants to bend the mainstream of social and economic policy so that place is put at the centre of political thinking.

In particular our work is focused on four areas:

Each of these themes, and neo-localism as a concept, is explored further in our essay collection on Neo-localism: Rediscovering the nation. Contributors include Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Rafael Behr, Philip Collins and Claire Fox. Each essay takes on a question central to the future of localism and the broader political changes happening in the UK. Taken as a whole the collection is where Localis is heading intellectually, becoming a think tank which focuses on the idea of ‘place’ and why it matters to politics and policy.

What we do

We publish research throughout the year, from extensive reports to shorter pamphlets, on a diverse range of policy areas. In the past year we have published reports on a number of subjects including:

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We run a broad events programme, including roundtable discussions, panel events and an extensive party conference programme. Recent speakers at our events have included Rt Hon Greg Clark MP and Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP.

We also run a membership network of local authorities and corporate follows.

If you are interested in partnering with us in our work and membership network, please contact jonathan.werran[at]localis.org.uk.