Report Launch: Grow Your Own Way

LGA Local Growth Campaign - Town Hall Debate

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Localis spoke at the Local Government Association (LGA)’s Local Growth Campaign – Town Hall Debate in Newton Abbott for the launch of Grow Your Own Way – Taking a localist approach to regeneration.

LGA Local Growth Campaign – Town Hall Debate

Local government has a long and proud tradition of driving economic growth. Its work in this area can be traced back to the founding fathers of modern local government at the end of the 19th century, with the development of public works in large cities to deal with sanitation and infrastructure and in more recent times, dealing with the recessions seen in the last three decades.

There is a risk that the medium-term growth prospects for UK plc are low, yet the performance and potential of our cities, towns and villages is much more varied. Some places are still caught in long-term decline of older industries, yet others are re-establishing themselves, building on their strengths, such as a skilled workforce or being a centre of expertise and knowledge on cutting edge technologies. The Local Government Association (LGA), in partnership with Teignbridge District Council, want to hear views from council leaders, chief executives and their partners, on the role of local government in driving economic growth. Do councils still have a leadership role? What does the new economic development landscape mean for council leadership? High profile players, from both the public and private sector in the region, will stimulate the debate.

This event was held at Teignbridge District Council Chamber, Forde House, Newton Abbot TQ12 4XX on Wednesday 23rd May from 4-6 pm. It forms part of a debate that the LGA is convening on renewing the ambition for local economic development and growth. Follow the LGA’s campaign at

Grow Your Own Way

Localis’ new report, Grow Your Own Way – Taking a localist approach to regeneration, looks at successful approaches to regeneration across the country, arguing for locally-driven regeneration led by local authorities and for the introduction of mechanisms to make this happen.

The report is available here.