Will a more localised health and social care system deliver better outcomes for the most vulnerable?

Private dinner round table at Labour Party Conference, Brighton

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‘Will a more localised health and social care system deliver better outcomes for the most vulnerable?’

Earlier this year, the Coalition Government announced some significant structural reforms to the health and social care system, most notably the announcement that the entire local health and social care budget would be devolved in Greater Manchester. With Cornwall recently achieving a similar deal and other healthcare focused devolution deals in the pipeline, this roundtable will consider whether we are entering a new dawn of healthcare – and if so, the opportunities and challenges that this will bring. In particular, we will focus on whether such devolution will allow for better provision of care to those who might be termed ‘troubled individuals’ (i.e. those with complex drug/alcohol/behavioural problems, and those with learning difficulties and mental health issues).

The event will bring together senior figures from central and local government and other relevant stakeholders. Conducted under the Chatham House rule, the discussion will be structured around the following questions:

  • How will further devolution of powers, funding and responsibilities for health and social care affect and improve future care models? Will it be a catalyst for innovation for new approaches in the sector?
  • What are the main challenges that a more localised care system will bring? Will there be both political and capacity risk?

The outcomes of the event will feed into a major thought leadership report on how a more locally-oriented care system in England will be managed, due to be published early next year.

This event will be held at Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Monday 28th September. If you would be interested in hearing more about this event, please contact Jack Airey on jack.airey@localis.org.uk.