Localis appoints new Chief Executive

Localis, the leading independent think tank dedicated to issues related to localism and local government, has appointed Liam Booth-Smith as its new Chief Executive.

Liam Booth-Smith has a decade’s worth of experience working in and around politics and public policy. Liam joins Localis from his current role as Head of Research and Communications at the consultancy iMPOWER, before that he was Head of Communications and External Affairs at the think tank NLGN. He is a regular commentator in the media on politics and culture.

Liam Booth-Smith, new Chief Executive of Localis, said:

“It’s a privilege to become the new Chief Executive of Localis, particularly at a time when our politics is so in need of new ideas and creativity.

Localis will continue to be at the forefront of the devolution debate, providing politicians and policy makers with the intellectual firepower to change government and public services for the better. In tackling the most pressing economic and social challenges our society faces Localis will help to explain what the next iteration of localism looks like.

I look forward to working with my new team at Localis, Sir Merrick and the board, and all of Localis’s members and partners to make this a reality.”

Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman of the Board of Localis, said:

“Localis was created to further the cause of decentralised politics and to help provide the intellectual rigour and research needed to make the case. Much has been achieved and the view that power should be passed from Whitehall to the regions, cities and to individuals is in the ascendance. Liam is joining Localis at the perfect time to lead the debate on the next stages of localism by grounding it in daily life and not simply political structures. He brings real experience, challenge and drive that will not only help lead the debate but also the policy agenda.”

Liam will be formally starting as Chief Executive on Monday 25th July 2016.


For all general enquiries please contact:

Jack Airey, Interim Chief Executive

020 7340 2660 or jack.airey@localis.org.uk

Notes to editors:

Localis is an independent think-tank dedicated to issues related to local government and localism. Since our formation we have produced influential research on a variety of issues including housing, local government finance and health and social care. We carry out innovative research, hold a calendar of events and facilitate an ever growing network of members to stimulate and challenge the current orthodoxy of the governance of the UK.

For more information on Localis’s Chair and Board: http://www.localis.org.uk/board/

For more information in Localis’s current staff: http://www.localis.org.uk/team/