Smart Cities: Fair investment for sustainable growth

Work in progress

The rhetoric of digitisation pervades the contemporary political conversation. Smart devices, connected in smart homes, connected in smart cities give policymakers ever better information on which to base decisions. At the same time, the UK’s Road to Zero and its equivalents abroad present a future of carbon-neutral countries producing zero emissions.

Smart Cities: Fair investment for sustainable growth focuses on two pressing questions:

  • How can we ensure that investment in physical infrastructure matches the needs of the new, smart society?
  • How can we ensure that the gains of smart infrastructure are evenly and fairly distributed?

The report looks at what policy can do to ensure that our energy network has the capacity needed to cope with electric vehicles and, looking ahead, electric heating. We ask how this network expansion can best serve and profit communities across the country. Following this thread, we then consider the possibility of an uneven roll out of smart technology and associated infrastructure investment, presenting policy recommendations aimed at avoiding this situation.

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