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Future of our cities and towns

It will be crucial to explore the opportunities ahead for us to redesign the current outdated model of our retail-dependent high streets and the rapid decline in footfall.  Approaching these challenges and seizing upon opportunities must start with the question, ‘What does the future of the UK’s towns and cities look like?’

In seeking answers, Localis believes it useful to break the future of towns and cities down to four key areas; work, infrastructure and transport, business and access.

The ‘future of our towns and cities’ workstream will seek to solve massive shifts in local labour markets and skills needs, the prevalence of home working. What will the design of workspace look like? How will it be distributed? What types of technology will be required?

For the UK’s urban infrastructure and transport, how immediate is the opportunity to become much less centralised, better-resourced and organised as a network of productive local economies?

Around business, understanding retail innovations and an emphasis on entrepreneurship in place will be key to informing a recovery and renewal strategy.

Access: the future of access can be seen through the lenses of inequality.  What would better access to housing, health, social care and economic opportunities mean if aligned with Jane Jacobs’ concept of the ’15 minute city’?

Future of our cities and towns

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