The Future of the Regions

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Future of the Regions

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This is a note following a roundtable discussion hosted by Localis and Kent County Council looking into developing a revised structure and format for regional governance. Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council, introduced and concluded the session, with a wide ranging discussion in between.

Initial thoughts from Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council:

1. What system would you design if you could?
Probably 28 meaningful sub-regions which fit neatly with cities, requiring little reorganisation of local government. They would also need to be accountable to local residents, and allow planning to take place on a meaningful spatial level.

2. Bid down powers to local government
Councils should take powers from RDAs and other quangos where a Council can demonstrate the ability to do so.

3. Encouraging partnership working
There are questions over whether Councils can organise themselves regionally, and some ‘sticks’ may need to be used to encourage more collaboration on a sub-regional basis.

4. Concerns for local government
There is a significant concern over the centralisation of education for example.

5. Transport
Inter-regionally, transport is key over the next 25-30 years, particularly in regard to the London- South East relationship.

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Future of the Regions