Family Recovery

In conjunction with Westminster City Council

This roundtable centred on assessing the implementation challenges of a new strategy for tackling the problems faced by families at risk. This was a follow up to the successful ‘Families at Risk’ event held last November.

The discussion was held on Tuesday 2nd June from 6.30pm – 8.30 pm in the Ideas Space.

James Morris interviews Cllr Colin Barrow, Leader of Westminster


Are the mechanisms used for the early identification and intervention of ‘at risk’ families appropriate?

How can we ensure that the system can properly support families who often move residence?

Are the models used for coordination (e.g. the Family Intervention Project – FIP) ensuring coherence and consistency throughout all the various agencies and organisations involved?

How can central government policy (e.g. in regard to benefits) be made more flexible to enhance the process?

How can we ensure that appropriate funding mechanisms exist for third sector organisations