Localism Bill to be Published Today

Author: Localis   |  

In advance of the long-awaited publication of the Localism Bill later today (December 13th), there have been some strong indications as to what to expect from the Bill.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has said the Bill “starts a new era of people power”. Councils will also receive a significant amount of power, including receiving a General Power of Competence.

Among the other headline announcements released so far, the Government will cease Council Tax capping and instead give communities the right to veto Council Tax rises they deem excessive through local referenda.

In addition, CLG has outlined its vision of ‘Six Steps to Return Power to the People’, which outlines how the Government intends to progress from the steps it has already taken to curb central interference in the workings of local government and communities.

Localis will comment further on the Localism Bill in our monthly newsletter, published this Friday.