Tackling the Issues Associated with ‘At Risk’ Families in Deprived Areas

In conjunction with Westminster City Council

Author: Shaun Bailey, Philippa Stroud, Colin Barrow, Claire Tickell and Brian Connell   |  

With a recognition that the causes of social decline are numerous and interrelated, and following on from CSJ’s seminal work, Breakthrough Britain, combined with the City of Westminster’s co-ordinated approach to family decline, we have assembled an important and influential group of people to discuss the most pressing concerns to do with the most at-risk families. The speakers were:

Colin Barrow. Colin became the Leader of Westminster City Council this Summer having left his career in the City to pursue his career in politics in 1996. In his previous position at Westminster City Council he was the architect of their first Economic Development Strategy. As Leader of the Council, Colin has already had a strong impact, overseeing the Westminster ‘Families at Risk’ programme, a new and innovative approach to dealing with the complicated social issues around ‘at risk’ families in deprived areas.

Clare Tickell. Clare is the Chief Executive of Action for Children (formerly National Children’s Homes) which employs over 6000 people and is involved in 500 projects across the UK, the Caribbean and Africa. She has held many positions in the voluntary and housing sectors, as well as the Social Exclusion Unit, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Department of Health and the Audit Commission.

Chris Bullivant. Chris is the Projects Director at the Centre for Social Justice. He worked at a support housing unit for the homeless for two years before reading Politics at Queen Mary, University of London. He has been editor for a number of print and online magazines, managed websites, events and operations for three charities, and worked to mobilise young people to community action projects nationwide. Chris has recently completed his Masters at the London School of Economics.

Shaun Bailey. As the co-founder of My Generation, a charity set up to tackle social problems amongst young people and their families, Shaun was heavily involved with tackling some of these issues on-the-ground. He contributed to the publication ‘No man’s land’ for the Centre for Policy Studies. Shaun is also the prospective parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith.

Brian Connell. Brian is Westminster Councillor and Cabinet Member for Communities and Economic Development. He was chosen to drive forward Westminster’s ‘Families at risk’ agenda, which he has done so since June this year. He is a Logistics Consultant, and has represented Bayswater Ward since 2002.