Cameron says government has ‘localist plan’ for growth

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David Cameron has said the government will continue to do everything it can to free up business to grow as part of what he described as a ?localist plan? for growth.

In his speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, the prime minister said the government’s growth plan was aimed at ?doing everything we can to help businesses start, grow, thrive, succeed?.

?Where that means backing off, cutting regulation – back off, cut regulation. Where that means intervention, investment – intervene, invest. Whatever it takes to help our businesses take on the world – we’ll do it.?

He addressed the government’s controversial planning reforms, saying they were a key part of the government’s growth strategy as easy up planning regulations would give businesses the ?space to grow?.

?It’s hard to blame local people for opposing developments when they get none of the benefits. We’re changing that. If a new manufacturing plant is built in your area – your community keeps the business rates. If new homes get built – you keep the council tax. This is a localist plan from a localist party,? he said.

The prime minister also warned unions against striking over public sector pensions this autumn, saying the move would be unfair to tax payers.

He said: ?To the unions planning to strike over public sector pensions I say this. You have every right to protest. But our population is ageing. Our public sector pensions system is unaffordable.

?The only way to give public sector workers a decent, sustainable pensions system, and do right by the taxpayer, is to ask public servants to work a little longer and contribute a little more.

?That is fair. What is not fair, what is not right, is going on strikes that will hurt the very people who help pay for your pensions.?

Mr Cameron also made a direct appeal to businesses ?to show more leadership and give us the apprenticeships we need?.

The speech came as the Office for National Statistics published revised GDP figures, which showed that the UK economy grew by just 0.1% in the second quarter of this year, less than the 0.2% previously estimated and the slowest quarterly growth rate since the end of last year, when the economy contracted by 0.5%.

But the prime minister sounded an optimistic note, amid caution over the economy, and said the government would continue to do all it could to boost economic growth.

?Nobody wants false optimism. And I will never pretend there are short cuts to success. But success will come: with the right ideas, the right approach, the right leadership. Leadership from government: to set out the direction we must take, and the choices we must make.

?But leadership also from you. Because the things that will really deliver success are not politicians or government. It’s the people of Britain, and the spirit of Britain.?

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