English Council tax bands are due to be reassessed

Author: Daily Telegraph   |  

English Council tax bands are due to be reassessed at the beginning of the next Parliament to take account of changing house prices. The Tories say Labour is planning to count tree houses and other home improvements in the value of properties, pushing some up into higher bands.

In an answer to a Conservative Parliamentary Question, Baroness Andrews, the Lords Minister for Local Government, said that that a tree house would be taken into account during the banding of a property for council tax if it “adds value”.

She said: ” In the case of a new dwelling, all features of the property that affect value are taken into account in the banding. The test is whether, in the open market, the presence of a tree house would have any material effect on the property’s capital value: in general this is unlikely.

“In the case of an existing dwelling, if the tree house was a later addition that added value, it would only be taken into account when the dwelling was subsequently sold.”

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