English councils worried by lack of representation

ILM Comment

Author: Institute of Leadership & Management   |  

Local government should play a key part in national politics and have its role protected by law, according to a new report.

A study conducted by the think-tank Localis concluded that a number of vital reforms are needed to ensure matters of local importance are handled appropriately.

It found that English councils feel that they are not being given the status or platform they deserve in national politics compared to authorities in other countries.

Roger Gough, author of the report, said: “There is no localist utopia to be found, but by learning lessons from other countries we can ensure that local government is placed at the heart of national politics.”

As well as enshrining the role of local government in law, the report also recommends the burden of inspection should be reduced so councils can focus on providing services to their residents.

Last week, the Local Government Association, which also sponsored this latest report, called for authorities to be given more powers to help them combat the economic downturn.

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